Turbulent before the game! Man City fans block Liverpool

03 Jul

One of Manchester City's disciples stood in front of Liverpool's coach before the game against Manchester City. It was good that the incident didn't escalate.

One Manchester City fan stands against Liverpool's coach in the pre-English Premier League match "The Blues" opening the Etihad Stadium to beat the "Reds" 4-0. On Thursday 2 July the past.

Liverpool commander traveled to Manchester City's home court with a police car to lead the procession as security. At first, the trip went well so there shouldn't be any issues.

However, when the coach is about to arrive at that stadium There was a Manchester City fan standing in front of the coach. While also showing some gestures to the car There were people who saw the event and hurried to drag that football fan away from that point in order to not escalate the incident, but the "blue sailboat" followers said something to the driver as well. Before agreeing to dodge the way อ่านต่อได้ที่  ผลบอล7m 

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